Check Out This Dead Rising 3 Gameplay Demo From Gamescom

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Dead Rising 3 is undoubtedly one of Microsoft’s biggest exclusives for the Xbox One. I have heard from countless people that this game is why they are choosing the system over the PS4. Today thanks to VG247 we get to see some new gameplay from the highly anticipated survival horror title. Check out the demo embedded above.

The video shows how much darker the game is this time around. The zombies are less cartoony and the action is more gritty. Fortunately for fans of the goofiness, the demo still shows off some of the crazy things you will be getting into. Some of these things include a ridiculous steamroller motorbike and even a nuclear device. The demo concentrates heavily on the vehicle sections which are more prevalent in Dead Rising 3. Since the number of zombies has greatly increased, you will need to utilize cars to mow down thousands of enemies in your path.

The demo looks great and I look forward to playing it when the Xbox One launches this November. Let me know in the comments what you think of the gameplay footage and if you will you be playing it this fall.

Source: VG247

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