Dragon Age: Inquisition Has An “Ambitious” Open World

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We didn’t get a lot of information from the teaser trailer of Dragon Age: Inquisition at E3 last week, but fortunately some information has started to trickle out in regards to what the game actually is, and it’s sounding very promising so far.

CVG has a great in-depth interview with BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn and he mentions some interesting things about the game, when he was questioned about how ambitious the game the open-world was, Flynn had this to say:

Oh pretty ambitious! That comes down to some of the feedback from Dragon Age II and wanting to give people a lot more exploration. That’s one of the reasons why we chose Frostbite as an engine, because we went through a big review of that.

We knew that our own engine Eclipse that did Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age II was getting pretty long in the tooth. Continuing to develop on that engine would’ve taken a lot of investment and time.

So we thought that if we could take that and then layer on beautiful open-world systems and quests, that would be a pretty killer combination. That was a big priority for us.

After the dismal Dragon Age 2 it was very clear that the engine was not strong enough to support a game of that size, though admittedly the team were rushed to push out a sequel and that led to a lot of reused assets. The Frostbite engine is great and hopefully the team has been given enough time to make a fantastic game that lives up to Origins, more exploration would be great in a Dragon Age game and I thoroughly look forward to the next instalment.

What do you think of Dragon Age: Inquisition from what you’ve heard so far? Let me know in the comment section below.

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