Final Fantasy Agito Will “Definitely Be Localized”

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Not too long ago, Square Enix announced the free-to-play Final Fantasy Agito for Android/iOS platforms. Many have speculated that Final Fantasy Agito wouldn’t make it to Western shores, much like its predecessor, Final Fantasy Type-0 (originally called Final Fantasy Agito XIII). There is hope, however, as Square Enix confirmed that Final Fantasy Agito will at least undergo localization.

USGamer spoke with Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata about bringing Final Fantasy Agito to audiences outside of Japan. When asked about localization, Tabata said, “”[Agito] will definitely be localized.” However, Square Enix quickly clarified that this isn’t a formal announcement of a Western release. Type-0, for instance, had been significantly localized to English, but it was never released outside of Japan. This could be because Square Enix didn’t want to release Type 0 near the end of the PSP’s life cycle.

Still, the iOS platform is still going strong, so perhaps Square Enix will consider finishing the localization for Final Fantasy Agito. Tabata also said that he thinks of the two as “companions,” and he would like to release Type 0 for PSN. If we get Final Fantasy Agito, then hopefully we’ll get Type 0 as well.

Source: USGamer

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