Kickstarter Weekly: New Orbit and Mansion Lord

Two Simulators: One is Realistic, the Other is WTF??

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Welcome back to the second issue of the Kickstarter Weekly. This week, we have two simulators that offer varying degrees of realism. The first one is an interesting science-fiction space simulator called New Orbit . On the other hand, we have the business simulator, murder mystery simulator, and tactical RPG, Mansion Lord.  Both of these games have yet to reach their funding, so check them out below and see if you want to make things happen for the developers.

New Orbit

Project by: Markus Hofer

Goal: $40,000

Current Funds: $7,200

End: January 24, 2013

New Orbit is a realistic game that’s one part adventure and one part space simulator. Interestingly, New Orbit is episodic, and they’ve already released the first one. Creator Markus Hofer has turned to Kickstarter in hopes of funding the second episode.

Hofer promises that the second episode will feature realistic gravitation and an engaging ship-building. The system looks impressive, as each part contributes fuel capacity, energy output, and weight—all of which can be tailored to the player’s style. In addition, Hofer stresses three new additions to the latest episode: story, challenges, and a playground. He promises a story that’s more impressive than the last episode, but players will afterwards have plenty to explore in vast space. The game also looks gorgeous, and it will also be coming to consoles. If you’ve played with Legos as a kid, and if you’ve ever wanted to be an astronaut, New Orbit may be the game for you.

Hofer has expanded the project from a one-man operation (for the first episode) to a three –person operation. He says that they’ve finished the design, and they’ve completed most of the tech and story. Of course they’re going to use the funds to work on the game full-time and make it as impressive as it can be. What’s most interesting, however, is when Hofer is filmed while wearing an Oculus Rift. If you ask me, the Oculus Rift is perfect for space simulators like New Orbit.

Mansion Lord

Project by: Golgom Games

Goal: $28,000

Current Funds: $19,319

End: December 19, 2013

Here’s a simulator that may be the happiest murder mystery I’ve ever come across. In Mansion Lord, you are the eponymous lord. In the trailer, the maid of the mansion shows the players how to create their own mansions suited to their sophisticated tastes.  Of course, you’ll need profits in order to sustain such a lofty mansion, and your maid happily advises you to “MURDER!!!

Part one of the game is a business simulator. Players will need to place certain tiles to decorate their mansion, such as a billiards table. You can’t just lay down any tiles; no, you have to budget your costs! You’ll need to invest in the right tiles, as they add stats to your rooms, increasing your success at attracting more guests.

The maid suggests that you acquaint yourself with shady aristocrats, who, despite their charm, may exhibit the occasional murderous outburst. Once a random aristocrat has murdered one of the guests, players will need to invite the detectives over to solve the mystery. This is when things truly become weird.

Detectives and suspects will have a duel in a designated room. The combat looks like a typical grid-based RPG battle-system. Interesting enough, one of the combatants in the trailer was a robot who shot lasers at the detectives. So to recap, we have a blend of business simulator, murder mystery simulator, and strategy RPG. Then, you collect the bounty, renovate your mansion, and invite more murderous aristocrats. Oh, and all of this violence is accompanied with a cute, pixelated art style and an uplifting, chip tune soundtrack. Yeah, it’s that kind of game.

Honestly, I haven’t heard of a game quite like this, and I hope it reaches the full $28,000. It’s been greenlit on Steam Greenlight, and it has interesting perks like Lord vs. Lord Mode.  Check out their Kickstarter for the full list of features.

Other Projects?

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