Lone Survivor Escapes to PS3 & PS Vita This Summer

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Curve Studios announced today that it’s porting the psychological horror indie game, Lone Survivor to PS3 and PS Vita. While there’s no specific release date, the game is slated to be released this summer. In unrelated news, I’m now having the best day ever!

Curve Studios provided a short blog post that provides details of the upcoming port, as well as a trailer. The trailer doesn’t depict anything new; however, Curve Studios and Jasper Byrne plan on making this iteration to be the ultimate version of Lone Survivor. Fans of the game who previously purchased it either through Steam or Jasper Byrne’s website can expect some new additions to the port, such as

  • new items
  • new locations
  • new dialogue
  • a new yellow ending

I’m most excited by the addition of the yellow ending. Lone Survivor took cues from the older Silent Hill games in terms of atmosphere, exploration, and story telling that allows players to question what’s real and what’s simply a figment of the protagonist’s imagination. It appropriately implemented a similar ending system, where neither one of the three is considered to be the good ending. Instead, each ending managed to reveal answers that the player won’t pick up on until they play through the game again but with a different play-style. Players received an ending depending  largely on  how healthy the player kept the protagonist, how well the player kept the protagonist sane, and whether or not the player used violence as a solution.

Jasper Byrne also posted more details on his blog. He also said, “I’m a massive Sony fan and literally play 95% of the games I play on my PS3.  It’s the console that fits me the best, and it’s the controller I imagine when I’m designing my games: so this really is a dream come true!” I’m happy for the guy. Jasper Byrne has spent nearly 7 years of his life creating this game, and it’s nice to see that his game is getting the wide-spread attention it deserves.

Be sure to check out the trailer above if you haven’t. Also, post in the comments if you’re interested in picking this game up whether you’re a Lone Survivor fan or a newcomer.


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