Project Spark Xbox One Beta Begins January

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Microsoft’s free creation game Project Spark will be getting a beta in January for the Xbox One, following the Windows 8 beta version this October.

The game will be free to play when released and has surprised many people with the amount of customization available and how impressive the game looks. Microsoft Studios exec Dave McCarthy explained:

“Everything will be fully playable on day one [for Xbox One], you’ll be able to either use that Crossroads mode to build something really quickly through story choices, you can do the blank slate editor, or you can take games that other people have built and then just edit them for yourself.”   

Since the E3 announcement the game an Xbox 360 version has also been revealed, however this will not be as fully featured as the Xbox One version. According to Digital Spy; the main difference is the Kinect functionality:

“An Xbox One exclusive feature will be using Kinect for performance capture and recording body animations, facial expressions and voice for emotes. Voices can then be edited with different pitches, speeds and styles, including robot, goblin and monster. Emotes are then assigned to quest givers, providing a unique introduction to mission objectives.”

Hopefully this game turns out to be fantastic, the fact that it is free to play means that everybody will get a chance to be as creative as possible and will possibly create something amazing. The LBP creator was great but also had it’s difficulties, but if this game can inspire me like LBP did but has an easier creator system then it should be perfect for me.

Let me know in the comments what you think about Project Spark and whether you think this will allow people to create worlds as amazing as some Minecraft creations.

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