Saints Row 4 Has Gone Gold, Season Pass Detailed Plus New Video

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Saints Row 4, the ‘crazy-open-world-dildo-game’ that is very highly anticipated has finally gone gold, meaning that the game is totally finished, to celebrate we have been given details about the season pass and a new video, which you can see embedded above.

For $9.99 you will get an exclusive “Rectifier” anal probe weapon, the ‘Enter The Dominatrix DLC and a second DLC mission pack coming in later in the year. The DLC would cost $15 so there is definitely a saving to be had here if you are interested in DLC for the game.

Personally I think this game looks great so far, the humour is fantastic (if not a little over the top) and I really like that the game is self-aware. For example, when choosing the voice for your character one of the options is listed as ‘Nolan North’. The super powers mean that even crazier things will be possible when compared to Saints Row 3, the weapons such as the dubstep gun seem really funny, hopefully the game lives up to the hype!

Saints Row 4 is coming to the PC, PS3 and 360 on August 20 in America and August 23 in Europe.

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