Taco Bell and Sony Want You To Win a PS4 Before Launch

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Sony and Taco Bell have struck a new partnership that may interest PlayStation fans. Between now and November 15th, when the PS4 hits store shelves, Sony and Taco Bell are giving away a console every 15 minutes. If said PlayStation fans are frequent Taco Bell diners, then they shouldn’t feel too burdened by the new contest.

Sony and Taco Bell fans have six weeks to, as written in their blog, “Play the Future First.” In order to enter for your chance to win a PS4, you need to buy a $5 box, which comes with a Crunchwrap, Crunchy Taco, Burrito Supreme and medium fountain drink. Doing so will net you a coed which you can text in for a chance to win the fabled PS4.

Winners will receive a PS4, a copy of Knack, and a year subscription to PS Plus. They estimate that winners should receive their prize around November 12, 2013. So if you’re a Taco Bell fan, are you going to try and win a PS4? You might as well try since it’s probably on your way home from the bars. That’s right, Sony and Taco Bell know how you operate.

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