Twitch Comes To Xbox Live For US Gold Members

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Twitch has finally arrived on the Xbox 360 in the form of an app that you can download right now, however there is a catch, you need to be in the US and have a Gold account.

Almost  a year ago Twitch announced their alliance with Microsoft and we had not heard much about it until today, the following description was taken from the official announcement over at

“The Twitch App for Xbox 360 will bring the top 300 live channels to your big screen, with the ability to browse the directory by top channels, games and featured content. Best of all, the Twitch App for Xbox 360 is Kinect-enabled, allowing you to control the entire experience with voice or motion controls. It’s oddly satisfying to tell your Xbox to play StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, or any other obviously non-Xbox title, and have it load up the channel. Truly, this is a brave new world.”

Not everybody is happy with this though, with the new Xbox being announced in a weeks time it is expected that Twitch’s streaming capabilities will be heavily involved, similar to Sony’s association with Ustream, but the fact that it is US only and for Gold members is a worrying sign that the next Xbox might have similar limitations attached with it.

Everybody would like for Microsoft to get rid of the pay wall on their system but all signs are pointing towards the same service being on the new console, also worryingly is that this is US only. If they have a future deal in place with Twitch then why couldn’t this be worldwide? Does this mean that the streaming services with Twitch on the new Xbox will similarly be for US only?

Let me know in the comments if agree that this could be worrying for the future of Xbox or whether this is all panic over nothing.

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