Ubisoft Suspends 1666, Has Two More Unannounced Titles In The Works

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Ubisoft has announced that it has suspended development on the title ‘1666’, which they picked up during the THQ auction and whose creative directer Patrice Désilets was fired from the company last week.

“After more than two months of discussion with [Désilets], we couldn’t align our vision both on project development and team management, so consequently our collaboration has ended. We have suspended development on 1666 for an undisclosed time,” said Yves Guillemot.

Additionally, according to a recent financial report, Ubisoft still has two unannounced games coming out for the fiscal 2013 year, one of them is a new IP and the other is supposed to be a sequel. If that’s true then Ubisoft is going to have a very strong year with Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs.

Once again we feel sorry for Patrice, it’s not been a great year for him so far. Currently a conspiracy theory is spreading that Ubisoft only suspended development on the game instead of cancelling it so that Patrice wouldn’t be able to take control of the IP, apparently it was in his contract that if it was cancelled he would reclaim all control over the title.

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