Adventures of Pip Has 40 Hours Remaining on Kickstarter

TicToc Games needs more pixels to flesh-out Pip

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Adventures of Pip, which you may recall if you’ve been keeping up with The Kickstarter Weekly, has only 40 hours remaining on Kickstarter. TicToc Games launched their Kickstarter hoping to receive $90,000, so they can work on the game full-time and without a publisher. Unfortunately, they are currently at $34,420, and it’s the week before E3.

In Adventures of Pip, you play the role of the eponymous character, who must defeat the Dark Queen in order to win back the pixels she stole. Pip begins as a mere pixel in this 2D side-scroller with RPG elements; however, he can eventually win more pixels by defeating enemies, growing stronger, facial features, appendages and abilities as he progresses.

Even though TicToc Games will have a difficult time accruing the money they need, they do have some good news. Adventures of Pip has been approved on Steam Greenlight, and they’ll be showing off the game at E3. The Koalition will definitely be there to check it out.

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