Dear Square Enix: I’m Tired of Your Sh*t

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No, not because of Tomb Raider as a timed exclusive. That was a sound business decision. Not for the crazy long dev time for Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy XV. Take your time and do it right.

I’m writing this because, after a scab that had been repeatedly ripped off had healed for what I’d hoped would be the last time, you use the Playstation Experience to stick a jagged, rusty knife right back in.

And I swear I heard you laugh while the blood ran.

Ever hopeful and bright eyed, myself and many others held on to the vain hope that the remake of Final Fantasy VII was coming out. Year after year went by, the tech demo retreated into the depths of memory, and hope fizzled as we were mocked for our loyalty.

My eyes widened as the classic menu hit the screen. My heart sang as the classic menu selection was made. I whispered “No way,” building excitement for a classic remake and probably confusing my companions that stood near me as I looked at the trailer on my phone. Then sadness crept in as I realized I was watching another trailer for the exact same classic title that I already owned.

Is this a joke?

Is this some ill attempt at saying “we’re still working on it”?

Is this some subtle jab that it’s never happening?

It doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve dealt with FFXI, X-2 forcefully packaged with X, the Kingdom Hearts console leapfrog, Final Fantasy Versus transforming into XV, and even repeat returns to the uninteresting world of Final Fantasy XIII. It’s safe to say disappointment is expected.

Both middle fingers up from the depths of the lifestream,

Charles “Profex” Singletary, Jr.

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