Destiny’s Upcoming Events Feature Vehicular Combat and New Bounties

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I’ve been enjoying the hell out of Destiny since it came out as you can tell from this glowing review that I gave it. Still, even I have to admit that the game can get a bit repetitive at times. Thankfully, Bungie is setting up some new events within the next couple of days which should make things more interesting.

Between September 19-21 a new Crucible match called Combined Arms will be available. In this mode, a fireteam of up to 6 players will engage in vehicular combat with another team. From September 26 to October 1st, the mission The Queen’s Wrath will be opened. This will offer new bounties and mission modes. There are also Faction events happening in September and October for Dead Orbit and Iron Banner.

This is all great stuff. No doubt that we’ll see more of these events happening regularly in order to keep people playing the game. I have no problem with that. Keep the good stuff coming, Bungie!

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SOURCE: Bungie on Twitter.

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