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Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 2 is Out. Glitches, Be Gone!

Nearing its one month mark, Dragon Age: Inquisition has continued to impress and keep gamers occupied throughout this holiday season. And although the world of Thedas is vast and filled with countless sterling features, one can’t deny the small errors present in gameplay. Although issues such as characters running into walls, sticky slopes and sometimes lengthy loading times are present, Inquisition’s positives clearly outweigh the negatives.

Paying close attention to all feedback surrounding their game’s fresh release, BioWare listed an official outline detailing their future priorities along with patch details (all of which you can read here) in regards to the the software progression of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

According to their official website, Priority one is as follows:

“We’re committed to providing long-term gameplay and stability improvements,” said Bioware in their latest blog post. “We have already released a Day 1 Patch, and in December we will release our second patch. We expect the patch to roll out on PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360 on December 9, 2014. We are working hard to get Patch 2 out on Xbox One as soon as possible.”

The majority of fixes in Patch 2 will be focused towards the game’s ability to function smoothly without error and/or glitching. These fixes include an increase in stability in regards to crashes, freezes and glitches. Overall gameplay has also been improved with updates in paths, exploits, character dialogue, radar, search and in-game combat. Improvements in multiplayer will also be present along with new advancements in PC play as well.

Already having future updates in place, BioWare has promised to increase functionality with keyboard and mouse controls along with triggered “in-party banter.” If you’re not familiar, banter includes that witty, sometimes profound dialogue between party members. Players have reported that banter has been triggered at odd times and cuts off midway while looting or when being approached by an unforeseen enemy.

With no official date, BioWare hopes to fix these issues in Patch 3.

Source: Bioware Blog