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Forza Horizon 2 — ‘Wreckreational Driving’ Achievements Edition

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/// Game Information

Playground Games x Turn 10 Studios ▪ Microsoft Studios ▪ Racing
9.30.14 NA | 10.3.14 EU 

/// Description

Race through a massive wide-open world featuring dramatic weather and day to night cycles. Instantly connect with friends in the ultimate celebration of speed, style, and action-packed driving. Explore beautiful and exotic locations in more than 200 of the world’s greatest cars, all created with precise detail in 1080p.

/// Forza Horizon 2 | Launch Trailer — 1’56”

/// Achievements

50 Achievements | 1000 GamerScore | Race Them

►A Wild Drivatar Appears!
Win 3 Head-to-Head Races against Drivatars with a Bounty on them.

►Bragging Rights
Beat Friends or Club members on any 20 Speed Cameras.

►Fast and Clean
Earn the Clean Racing Skill 100 times.

►First of Many
Win your first Championship race.

►Friends with Benefits
Earn a total of 1,000,000 Cr from Rivals.

►Green Wristband
Obtain the Green Wristband.

►Human GPS
Drive down every road in the game.

►Kick the Bucket
Scratch 15 items off your Solo Bucket List.

►License to Skill
Earn 5 Skill Points.

Win an Event in every type of car.

►Number One
Win a Championship.

►On the Road Again
Complete an Online Road Trip location.

►One Down!
Complete a Solo Bucket List challenge.

►Rain Master
Complete your first race in the rain.

►Social Caterpillar
Compete in 20 Multiplayer Events.

►Summer Sale
Smash 25 Reward Boards.

►Super Meet Boy
Grab a livery, grab a tuning setup, buy a car, and enter a Showdown at any Car Meet

►That New Car Smell
Buy your first car.

►The Train’s in Vain
Beat the Train in a Horizon Showcase Event.

Complete a Road Trip.

►Welcome to Horizon Europe
Arrive at the Horizon Festival.

►Yellow Wristband
Obtain the Yellow Wristband.

►Car Lover
Have 50 Cars in your Garage.

►Horizon Fan
Complete 25 Championships.

►Horizon Leader
Choose where the Road Trip goes for the first time.

Take photos of 100 different cars for Horizon Promo.

►Pink Wristband
Obtain the Pink Wristband.

►Rest in Peace
Complete every Solo Bucket List Challenge.

►Smash Happy
Collect all Reward Boards.

►Stone Cold Skiller
Earn 65 Skill Points.

►Storage Hunter
Restore 10 Barn Finds.

►We Meet Again!
Win a Showdown at every Car Meet.

►Horizon Enthusiast
Complete 100 Championships.

Earn 500,000 XP for your Club.

►Welcome to Castelletto
Arrive at Castelletto for the first time.

►Welcome to Montellino
Arrive at Montellino for the first time.

►Welcome to Nice
Arrive at Nice for the first time.

►Welcome to Saint-Martin
Arrive at Saint-Martin for the first time.

►Welcome to San Giovanni
Arrive at San Giovanni for the first time.

►Welcome to Sisteron
Arrive at Sisteron for the first time.

►Gold Wristband
Obtain the Gold Wristband.

►Purple Wristband
Obtain the Purple Wristband.

►Team Player
Win 50 Team Events.

►Well Traveled
Complete 25 Online Road Trip locations.

►Yes We Can
Complete 25 Bucket List items co-operatively.

►Worthy of a Sultan
Have 175 Cars in your Garage.

►You Are Playground Games
Complete 100 Playground Games Events.

►All Your Race Are Belong To Us 2.0
Complete all 168 Championships.

►Horizon Champion
Become the Horizon Champion.

►Social Butterfly
Compete in 200 Multiplayer Events.

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