Free Resogun Update Adds Ship Editor and Local Co-op, Out Tomorrow

Free update is part of the Resogun Heroes Expansion pack

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Earlier today, XDEV Studio Producer Ian Nichols confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that tomorrow’s free Resogun update will include a ship editor, local co-op, and more trophies for fans to collect. Ian also stated that this update is a small part of the massive Resogun Heroes expansion set to launch sometime late next week.

Ship Editor will allow players to create their own ships by using a deeply intuitive voxel editor. They will then have the ability to share their creations online with other players. The local co-op feature was also heavily requested by fans and is finally a reality with this update. On top of all of this, players will also have the ability to unlock a few more trophies with this update.

Resogun launched exclusively on the PS4 last November and has received a ton of positive reviews since then. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and can’t wait to try out all of these new features. It has been rumored that Housemarque is currently hard at work on a new game. Hopefully we will learn more about this project over the next couple of months.

Are any of you planning to download this Resogun update or the forthcoming Heroes expansion pack? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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