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HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review – Head in the Clouds

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What makes a good gaming headset? Of course good sound, a quality microphone, and compatibility are all important. However, the most important facet to me when judging a headset has always been comfort. These are devices you’ll likely end up wearing for several hours at a time and use them multiple times in a given week, so comfort is a huge factor. Thankfully, the folks at Kingston created the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset with comfort as the primary goal. From the moment you open the box, you can immediately tell that a lot of attention went into not only the high-quality leather and memory foam-padded features, but also the sleek and stylish design as well.


The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset is available in both a white and black variety and is compatible with everything from your desktop PC, laptop, and tablet, to your mobile phone and even PlayStation 4. In fact, I found myself using this headset as my dedicated PS4 headset, rather than replacing my currently established GameCom 780 that has earned a consistent spot by my desk. Surely, other than its comfort, the HyperX really shines for its flexibility. Here is a full list of its features from the official site listing:

  • Hi-Fi capable 53mm drivers for supreme audio quality
  • 15 – 25.000 Hz frequency response
  • Detachable microphone (quick and easy to plug/unplug for music-only purposes)
  • Solid aluminum construction for durability and stability
  • Super-soft padded leather headband with memory foam on cups for maximum comfort
  • Closed cup for enhanced bass reproduction and passive noise cancellation

As any tech head worth their salt will tell you, customization is a huge plus for any piece of technology. The HyperX includes several attachments (including cord extenders, mic/audio -> single plug adapters, volume control add-ons, and so much more) as well as the ability to swap out the leather ear muffs for a more-cloth styles variety. But I don’t know why anyone would ever do that, the leather-covered memory foam really does feel like what I imagine a literal cloud headset may resemble.

Getting down to the core functionality of the product though, and you’ll find that it’s far from perfect. There is no surround-sound audio at all, just dual-channel audio for each speaker. The noise-cancelling, while above average, is far from ideal. Plus, the mic is truly just basic. It gets the job done just fine and unless you’re picky about that kind of stuff, it shouldn’t really impact you. However, the lack of surround-sound was a noticeable flaw.

hyperx headset black and white

Final Verdict: Great

Make no mistake, overall, the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset is one amazing piece of technology. It is easily one of the most comfortable headsets I have ever had the pleasure of using (and that’s coming froom someone that wears glasses, mind you) and the wide-range of compatibility is truly great. While the simply average sound quality and mic performance leaves a bit to be desired, the price is affordable if you can find it in the $70 – $90 range. Anything more than that, and you’re better off picking up something with a bit better sound performance.

Where to buy: Kingston   Amazon   GameStop   NewEgg

This review is based on a physical review unit of the White HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset provided by Kingston.

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