Lizard Squad is at it Again; Hacks Servers for Destiny and PSN


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This just in, HOT off the presses! Gamepur has reported hackers have attacked servers for Destiny, Call of Duty: Ghosts and PSN! A group known as Lizard Squad have claimed responsibility for the down servers using DDoS attacks. This was made official through their Twitter account with the words:

This isn’t the first time they have successfully taken down the servers, Lizard Squad was also responsible for last week’s down servers and their at it again! Bungie is aware of the situation and are working on the problem as I type. Lizard Squad apparently is responsible for EA servers going offline just minutes ago:

This is obviously some sad news for those who are trying to enjoy their games, and who knows where Lizard Squad will strike next! I will try to keep you updated on this news as it happens. But for now, the reason is to just piss people off:

What is your opinion about this group and their attacks on the gaming industry? Let us know in the comment box below!

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