Minecraft Fails Certification Test on Playstation 4

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The Minecraft Playstation 4 edition has unfortunately failed to make its way through Sony’s certification testing. The PS4 version of Minecraft was set for release later this month but could possibly suffer delays depending on how long it takes to re-submit the game for certification.

While there are no exact details on why Sony declined the games certification, it’s assumed that it’s just minor issues that need fixing by developer 4J Studios. It’s not unusual for a game to fail certification on a platform, but Minecraft is certainly a big deal considering its popularity.

Below is the tweet sent by Minecraft developer 4J Studios:

An earlier Tweet sent out by 4J Studios on the 12th of August suggests that Sony’s testing process takes just over a week. In which case there’s still hope that we’ll see the game by the end of the month if 4J Studios are speedy with their fixes. However, it would be a safer bet to assume we’ll now see Minecraft on PS4 in early September.

Currently nothing is known about the PlayStation Vita and Xbox One versions of Minecraft, which were also targeting an August release date.

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