Watch Dogs Gets a Wii U Release Date

Aiden Piece will become friends with Mario this fall.

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Ever since it launched in May of this year for all of the major consoles and PC, Wii U only owners have had to go without playing Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. Their patience will be rewarded this fall however as the game will finally make its way to the Nintendo console on November 18th.

Being that this game is for the Wii U, it will have system-specific features. These include: an interactive map of Chicago that will be displayed on the Wii U GamePad and Off-TV Play which allows users to play the game just on the GamePad and away from the Wii U.

Consider this a case of “better late than never.” Despite what some may say about Watch Dogs, it’s a solid title and Wii U owners should be happy that its coming out for their console considering that most AAA third party games don’t ever get released on it.

Source: Ubisoft

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