Xbox One Controller To Be ‘Fixed’ In Update Before Titanfall

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A Titanfall dev has revealed that Microsoft will be updating the Xbox One controller at their request in February’s console firmware update.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson the update will “increase the sensitivity of the outer boundaries of the thumbsticks on the Xbox One controller”The update means that future games can take advantage of the more precise controls.

News of the controller update were revealed over on The Verge where Titanfall designer Justin Hendry announced:

“It’s just fixing the controller input, really. It wasn’t really where we felt it should be; it was a little overly twitchy with the current controls. Now it’s fixed. We’re happy with it.”

It is quite surprising that Respawn have such influence over Microsoft, Titanfall is a huge game for the Xbox One and clearly Microsoft will do anything to make the developers happy. It has also been revealed that Respawn have been working with Microsoft an a new version of their upscaler, which will upscale sub-1080p resolutions into full HD.

Please let me know what you think about the controller update, do you think it’s weird that Microsoft are bending over backwards to help Respawn? 

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