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Classic Russian Wrestler Zangief Set to Body Slam Foes in Street Fighter V

The Red Cyclone is back! That’s right, everyone’s favorite Russian Wrestler, Zangief, is set to be one of the playable characters in the upcoming Street Fighter V. He was (appropriately enough) revealed today at the IgroMir event in Russia.

Zangief will have two new moves in the game.

His V-Skill is called “Iron Muscle.” This will let Zangief absorb one hit which leaves him with recoverable health. When players hold down the medium kick and punch buttons and press a direction, Zangief will slowly walk toward an opponent and hit them by flexing his muscles when he is close enough.

His V-Trigger is called “Cyclone Lariat.” This move lets Zangief truly become “The Red Cyclone” as he sucks foes in him by spinning extremely fast. By holding down the V-trigger activation buttons, players can make Zangief spin and continue hitting enemies multiple times.

Street Fighter V is set to be released on the PC and PlayStation 4 in Spring of 2016.