Cliff Bleszinskis Next Game is Called Lawbreakers

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The man who helped create Gears of War has been pretty quiet on what his new game would be called or played. Today, he shed some light on everything. 

The next game from Cliff Bleszinski, now heading up Boss Key Productions, will be called Lawbreakers. It is a free to play sci-fi shooter for the PC, and will be out sometime next year. 

The game takes place in a world where a catastrophic event known as “the shattering” takes place, altering Earth’s gravity forever. Players will be forced to choose sides after gang wars break out across the world, and the violence begins to creep towards the United States. 

In a Twitch stream (below), Cliff noted that players will access to grappling hooks, jet packs, and other tools to get around the world. No word on gameplay footage or any other news, so stay tuned to this post or the Twitch stream to find out!

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