Dishonored Remaster is $20 Cheaper If You Own the Original

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Bethesda has announced today that its offering Dishonored owners looking to upgrade to the remastered version a loyalty deal. A user on Reddit discovered the upgrade option which is even available to those who downloaded the game via PS+ when it was offered on the service. This means that upgrading will make the Dishonored Definitive edition cost just $20 instead of $40.

This deal has only been discovered for PS4, but the game is only £23.86 on Amazon (UK) anyway. Currently the PSN deal is available in the US, but hopefully once the European PSN store updates we’ll get access to the very same deal.

The Definitive Edition comes with all DLC, and is visually enhanced for new-gen. The game is set for release August 25th (US) and August 28th (UK).

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