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Dying Light Bozak Horde is Now Available

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Another expansion for the books! Seriously, how much more can Dying Light give us?

In the most recent DLC, players will be tasked with a series of challenges in the infamous Harran Stadium. Here we remember fighting for our life, dodging volatiles and brute enemies while simultaneously pushing dingus zombies into spikes.

Rather than being thrown into the ring by Rais this time around, players will be sent into a battle to the death at the hands of an entirely new psychopath: Bozak. With his eerie white mask adorned with streaming black tears, Bozak certainly looks like one of the most disturbed survivors in the post-apocalyptic Harran.

Bozak Horde is available in both single and co-op play. Season pass holders will receive this new DLC at no charge. If you would like to purchase the additional content separately, all you will have to fork over is $9.99.

Happy zombie killing!

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