Fable Legends is Coming, Will Be Free to Play

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During Microsoft’s E3 conference today, they showed off a brief trailer for the upcoming free to play game Fable Legends. Coming for both Xbox One and Windows 10, the game will allow you to play as either a Hero or a Villain. You will be able to buy upgrades and items for your characters with Silver that you earn in the game. As is the case with any F2P game, Gold will be able to be purchased with real-world money, allowing you to get more Silver that way. The full release of the game is below, detailing the heroes and villains:



We’ll be launching Fable Legends with a wide array of unique Heroes. At any time, there will be four of these Heroes available to play for free. We will rotate the four Heroes available on free rotation, so you’ll have a chance to play them all!

Any progress you make with a Hero will be saved, and you’ll be able to pick up where you left off when they appear next on the free rotation. If you find a Hero you love, you can play them whenever you like by unlocking them with Silver or Gold. Once you’ve done that, they’re yours forever.


Albion is brimming with exciting treasure waiting to be claimed. The loot you find playing the game is yours to keep, and you’ll also be able to get your hands on additional treasure with either silver or gold.

Every Hero can also be customised, and we’ll have a host of interesting outfits, face variations and more available to unlock.



As you progress therough the story you’ll come across all manner of mischievous creatures, and you’ll find that creatures are all native to specific areas of Albion. Using your silver or gold, you’ll be able to gain the allegiance of creatures and use them in any quest!


A big part of playing the Villain is plotting new and inventive ways to entrap and destroy the Heroes. There will be many tools at your disposal, from magical healing stones to explosive mines, and you’ll have the opportunity to unlock more traps using either silver or gold.

You can check out the launch trailer below:

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