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As we get closer and closer to E3, the amount of rumors and leaks grows larger. For a long time, gamers have been waiting for some news, any news on Bethesda’s Fallout franchise. With the company hosting its own conference during E3, the anticipation has been building on whether or not we will finally see a Fallout 4. If this rumor is to be believed, it seems like we’ll be at least seeing a trailer of the game.

According to a recently updated CV by a 3D Artist on LinkedIn, Bethesda has hired Guillermo Del Toro’s production company, Mirada Studios, to create a “cinematic trailer” for Fallout 4. You can view the screenshot of the CV below:



As you can see, the artist has also worked on many other cinematic aspects of games; The Elder Scrolls and Far Cry 4 just to name a few.

As for Fallout 4, what could this mean? Will we finally see a return to the franchise this E3? Maybe Guillermo Del Toro is involved in some way, with his production house being asked to create a trailer? There’s no definitive answer at this point, but all the evidence seems to point that Fallout 4 will most likely make an appearance at E3. Make sure to stay tuned for that when it happens.

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