Four Kings Casino: Straight Flush or Snake Eyes?

A few quick thoughts on the casino themed social MMO.

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For the longest time, popular sites like Golden Bingo have offered fans several ways to play online bingo games but the desire to play standalone PC and console versions of these games has remained an interest. On June 1st, Digital Leisure released their long-awaited casino game titled Four Kings Casino through Steam Early Access. This soon to be released PlayStation 4 casino title is truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It can be best described as a social multiplayer experience in which players are free to roam a variety of casinos in a rather RPG-like fashion, playing all of the same games that can currently be accessed via online gaming sites or Vegas itself. With such a hotly-anticipated, genre-defining release expectations are high, but has Digital Leisure pulled it off?

Stepping into the game, players create an avatar and are set free in various casino environments that make up Four Kings. There are all manner of games on offer; slots, bingo, roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat, to name but a few; which, together comprise a hearty volume of content for casino lovers that will have many, including myself, coming back for more in the future. Players can socialize with other players, playing low-limits, or decide to take the VIP route. It’s all a lot of fun right now.

In terms of graphics, the game is spot on. Rich character models, clothing, animations and environments are provided. This is a welcomed sight given that the last MMO casino game players had at their disposal was the rather basic casino-based PS Home environment. The lack of shadows and basic texturing does take away from the overall experience though. Yes, this is an MMO, and such titles are notoriously less graphically-rich compared to single player releases, but in all honesty Digital Leisure should have taken greater steps in providing a more detailed experience. Let’s just hope that the visuals are beefed up on the PS4 version.

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In terms of fun and engaging promotional deals that give players extra spins, free access to tournaments and such – something that ardent casino players will have become accustomed to during the use of current online casino games of the ilk provided by companies such as SlotoCash, Four Kings is lacking. The game doesn’t provide these sorts of fun giveaways, instead catering to those that spend, a focus that might prove a barrier to casual players, and ultimately lead to the game becoming a rather cut-throat experience.

There are other issues. The game is rife with people who ‘nerf’ the game, playing game after game of the same kind in an effort to extract the greatest amount of cash and rewards. This ‘360-no-scopes’ approach to casino gaming is utterly unwelcome, and ruins the experience. There’s also the issue of an insane amount of lagging. This is truly a game for people with beefy internet connections.

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Overall, Four Kings Casino is a mixed bag and despite a huge amount of promise, a lack of intervention on the part of the developer has already made the game rather annoying to play. Yes, this is due to the action of other players, but if there’s one thing MMOs require, it’s a sturdy team of moderators. When the game is released later this year on PS4, one can only hope that this issue is resolved. Otherwise, Four Kings will be more like two threes, a eight, and a jack – that is, useless.

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