Games for Summer – Protect Civilization in Style With Skyforge

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Since summer sees fewer game releases, it is a great time to revisit titles from our backlog, or even try out new titles we may have missed initially. These are the Games for Summer.


One of the factors that go into these Games for Summer choices is price, and considering that Skyforge is currently free-to-play it’s a no brainer. Skyforge is a sci-fi MMO co-developed by Obsidian and Allods Team, and published by My Games.

Skyforge puts you in the shoes of an immortal, also known as a god. In Skyforge, immortals live alongside regular civilization and they dedicate their existence to overseeing the planet.

What makes Skyforge a great Games for Summer choice is that it’s surprisingly easy to get into for an MMO. You never feel like you’re overwhelmed by things like complex levelling systems. Skyforge actually allows and encourages you to switch classes on the fly, meaning you’ll never feel locked in by your choices. You can even switch up your character appearance anytime you like, even your gender. This freedom makes it a great pick up and play experience.


Skyforge is also a beautiful game, and not all free-to-play games are. I was surprised at the level of visual depth in this game; from the precise details of the level designs to the richness of the colouring. Obsidian and Allods seem to have struck a perfect balance between graphic intensity and performance.

An important part of any MMO is the mission structure, and Skyforge makes this a thoughtless experience. After being sent to a specific location on the globe, I stayed there for hours completing sidequests, with not an ounce of boredom approaching. Some MMO’s have a lot of tedious quests at the beginning, ones that involve fetching things for example. But never once did anything feel tedious in Skyforge, I actually found myself having fun ticking all the boxes and collecting new items and resources along the way.

There’s no traditional leveling system in Skyforge, instead it uses a system known as The Ascension Atlas. This works a lot like the sphere grid in Final Fantasy X, in the sense that it’s an endless array of nodes that you can spend your resources on. You get these resources by completing quests, and you’re then able to unlock new stats and abilities in The Ascension Atlas that vary by class.


If you compare Skyforge with other free-to-play MMO titles on paper then it may seem like it doesn’t have the same nuts and bolts as some of the other popular titles out there. But those other MMOs are often so complex and convoluted that it’s tough to stick with them. Many of them I give up on because they require so much time to learn. With Skyforge however, I feel like I can play it at my own pace, and if I’m bored of my character it takes literally a few seconds to switch up the formula.

With a fun and easy to follow story, other PvE and PvP modes to explore and dungeon modes, Skyforge is the perfect MMO experience to get into this summer. It’s easy to pick up and play, and not too demanding of your time. If you have a PC be sure to give it a go, all it costs is 10gb.

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