Gravity Rush 2 Officially Coming to PS4 in North America

Flying sky high!

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Though we found out about the existence of Gravity Rush 2 for the PlayStation 4 during this year’s Tokyo Game Show, it was unclear whether or not it would be coming to North America. During their Paris Games Week conference, Sony officially announced that the game would indeed be coming to The New World.

Kat, the series protagonist, will be able to use three distinct styles: Normal, Lunar, and Jupiter. In Lunar mode, Kat becomes lighter, and can move very quickly. In Jupiter mode, she becomes slower, but can attack harder. You will be able to switch between the three styles to perform different types of combos. The game will also have a tag-team system where Kat and an A.I controlled ally can take down the bad guys.

The game is set to be released in Japan in February of 2016 but we don’t know exactly when it will be released in North America. For now, stay tuned for more info as it comes out way. Check out this extended Japanese trailer which contains more footage.

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