Street Fighter V News Dump! Dhalsim, Post Launch Character Details, and a Release Date

Prepare to become the world warrior on February 16!

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Another conference is here (Paris Games Week) which of course means more new information on the upcoming PlayStation 4 console exclusive, Street Fighter V. Today, we learned how new characters will be introduced post launch, were introduced to (or re-introduced to) a bearded Dhalsim, and (finally) learned the game’s release date.

Post launch character plans

In the past, new characters were introduced by having a completely new iteration of the game. That’s no longer the case, as new characters will be introduced more regularly without the need for a brand new game. A total of six new characters will be introduced in 2016, bringing the total roster up to 22 characters by year’s end. So how do you get these new characters?

You can earn these new characters for free using “Fight Money.” Fight Money can be earned by completing Daily Goals such as landing a certain number of hadokens or doing a specific amount of counter hits. As you may have guessed, these goals are different each day and will give players an incentive to log in and complete them. Doing this will get them Fight Money each time. This rewards frequency of play and not necessarily long marathon sessions.

Another way to earn fight money is to level up characters in a variety of modes in either single player or multiplayer. It’s a bit vague on how a character can be leveled up specifically, but if you use a character enough and perform a variety of moves with them, you will level them up. Earlier levels will be easy to reach while the later levels will be more challenging.

Obviously, you can also just buy the new characters as well with good ‘ol fashioned cash. New characters are expected to be introduced every two months or so.


One of the classic World Warriors, Dhalsim, will join the ranks! He’s a bit older now, sporting a fancy new beard, but he’s just as… fiery as ever, as you can see from these pictures.

Dhalsim will have V-Skill and V-Trigger moves. His V-Skill, Yoga Float, lets Dhalsim float in the air momentarily where he can unleash airborne attacks and special moves. His V-Trigger is called Yoga Burner. This lets Dhalsim shoot out a stream of flames that stay on the floor for a period of time. If an opponent walks over these flames they will lose health but recover it once they step out of the flames.

V-Skill: Yoga Float

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V-Trigger: Yoga Burner

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Street Fighter V will be released on the PC and PlayStation 4 on February 16th.

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