Kendrick Lamar Gets His Own Shoes

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Could 2015 be better for Kendrick Lamar? Seriously, he dropped a great album and has been reaping nothing but praise for it. Plus he won a Grammy. Now he’s getting his own sneaker thanks to Reebok.

The collaboration with Reebok is the rapper’s first and this shoe will make people look when you wear it. They’re classic looking Reebok’s as they’re white but the right shoe has red inserts and laces while the left shoe has the same, only in the color blue.


The reason for doing this, according to, is to pay homage to gang unity. Blue for Crip. Red for Blood. The shoes will retail for $140 and on the inside they feature the TDE logo and K Dot’s signature. Are you dropping your hard earned money on these when they come out?



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