More News About Destiny’s Latest Expansion Surfaces

Twitter user spots Red Bull boxes.

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Destiny‘s next expansion may be called “The Taken King,” according to recently found advertisements on Red Bull energy drink boxes.

Back in April, Bungie filed trademark papers for the name “The Taken King,” which led many to believe that was the name of the next expansion coming to Destiny. As Twitter user AgriosEndendros found out, it looks like that expansion will be titled what we thought it would.

As you can see from the tweets above, it looks like the logo for “The Taken King” trademark (here) is pretty much exactly the same as what’s shown on the Red Bull boxes. As of this publishing, the URL on the box is dead. Activison did state back in February that Bungie is working on a major content release for Destiny, so it’s only fair to assume that this is it. Presumably, we’ll hear more in the coming weeks.

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