Nintendo’s Next Console Might Run Android

Chosen to give developers more flexibility.

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According to a report in the Japanese business magazine Nikkei, the house that Mario built is planning to use Android OS in their newest console, codenamed NX.

While most of us can’t read the actual article, there are great people like NeoGAF user duckroll, to translate for the less knowledgable. According to the user, Nikkei’s reports of an Android based operating system come from an inside source that they have.

The NX will mark a “paradigm shift” according to the report in Nikkei. Apparently, when third party developers began abandoning the Wii U, Nintendo took note, and the company is now “prepared to embrace a more open platform” in order to “allow developers more flexibility in making content.”

Obviously, this goes hand in hand with Nintendo partnering with DeNa, as an Android based console would allow developers the ability to make any game compatible with tablets and phones as well.

While nothing new has been reported about the NX, remember that Miyamoto did say nothing would be revealed until next year. However, it’s never too early to start speculating when we’re talking about consoles.

What do you think? If Nintendo finally opens the gates for more developers, is that a good thing? Sound off below. 

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