Is Rayman Coming to Super Smash Bros.? [UPDATE: This is a Hoax]

Is the Ubisoft character coming to the game?

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It turns out that this was all an elaborate hoax by one Omni Jacala who goes by the moniker Artsy Omini on YouTube. In the video below, he details how he created the “leaked” video.


Before we start anything, let me say that this should be taken with an extreme grain of salt. Coming from NeoGAF, we don’t know what to believe of this just yet.

With that being said, in the thread above, it seems as if Ubisoft’s Rayman might be headed to Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and presumably the 3DS. As you can see in the picture above (and more in the gallery below), Rayman seems to be ready to make his fighting game debut, and the video below (Source Unknown) adds even more credit to the story, showing someone moving through the character selection screen until he lands upon the floating limbed character.

Once again, lets take this with a grain of salt. The video above does a lot to make this extremely believable, although the fact that we don’t hear the announcer or see alternate colors adds sprinkles of doubt.

Assuming this is real, however and, it’s hard not to, this is a pretty huge development for the fighting game. DLC fighters could help Smash stay relevant long after it’s release date, and there will always be those fans who invest in them. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo reacts to this, but make sure to stay tuned in case they do.

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