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Sony Sells 18.5 Million PlayStation 4 Units to Date

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Sony has just announced that its current-gen system, the PlayStation 4, has sold 4.1 million units during the holiday season. This puts its total sales at 18.5 million since launch worldwide. These are sales to actual customers and not just shipped to retailers.

The gaming giant also has more numbers for us to chew on. During the holiday season, customers bought 17.8 million retail and digital games which brings the total up to 81.8 million games bought since launch. This brings the attach rate of the PlayStation 4 to 4.42. The premium subscription service, PlayStation Plus, serves over 10.9 million users.

PlayStation 4 is selling at a faster rate than the PlayStation 3 which took nearly two years to reach the sales of the PS4. The attach rate of the PS4 is also higher than that of the PlayStation 3 within the same launch time.

This is great news not only for Sony but for gaming in general. With the PlayStation 4 firmly cemented as a powerhouse current-gen system, it shows that console gaming is far from dead and is thriving despite what some detractors have said. With so many PlayStation 4’s in people’s homes, developers will no doubt focus on developing games for it (and Microsoft’s Xbox One) and begin to move away from developing games for the previous-gen consoles.

Source: Game Informer

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