Steam is Running an Insane Sega Sale this Weekend

Tons of game for sale; Alien: Isolation 75% off.

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If you’re someone who already has an insane gaming backlog (90% of us), than you might want to turn away from this post right now.

As part of Steam’s Publisher Weekend, Sega has stepped up and is offering some insane prices for games you’re likely never to play after buying. If you head over to Steams page, you can check out just what’s available. There are a ton of great titles available for players who might have missed out; the Total War, Company of Heroes, and Dawn of War back catalogs are all 75% off, and the amazing Alien: Isolation is also getting a huge 75% off. Hockey managing sim Eastside Hockey Manager is also back in Early Access form.

The biggest bundle by far, however, belongs to the Sega Super Bundle. In it, you will find an astounding 93 games, ranging from the very obscure (Flicky, Comix Zone) to the must play titles (Crazy Taxi, Ecco The Dolphin…yes, Ecco the damn Dolphin). You can pick up the entire bundle for $80, which equates to a 92% discount. It’s a no brainer if you’re a Sega fan, but it’s also a great way to beef up any digital game collection you may be cultivating.

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