The Order: 1886 Campaign Lasts 8-10 hours

Campaign will be shorter if players rush through the game

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Responding to concerns regarding a five and a half hour playthrough posted in its entirety to Youtube, The Order: 1886 Developer Ready at Dawn has reassured fans that the average player will take somewhere between eight and ten hours to finish the game .

At an industry event in Milan, CTO Andrea Pessino finally responded to the public concern over the perceived lack of value in the game and made the following statement:

“A 5.5 hour run is possible, but only if you rush through the game.”

The length of this highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive has remained a hot topic for a while now and has only gotten worse due to the fact that the game has no multiplayer component in it. Pessino also added that any player who decides to skip all non-essential content may miss out on all that The Order has to offer.

The Order 1886

Even at the 8-10 hour mark, The Order: 1886 may seem a little truncated for some. While quality is undoubtedly more important than quantity, a playtime at these seemingly conservative estimates may leave many players disappointed with anything less than eight hours of blistering gameplay.

The Order: 1886 will be available at both retailers and as a digital download on February 20th.

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