Royole-X Mobile Home Theater
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CES 2016: Royole-X Takes Mobile Home Theater to a New Level

Yesterday morning, Facebook-owned Oculus dropped the ball on the Rift’s price: (in Kaz Harai voice) FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY-NINE US DOLLARS. Twitter went nuts, people wept, and people raged. In my opinion, the Rift isn’t worth $599. I may have to upgrade my PC for it to work properly, and it’s graphical output has yet to impress me. The Royole-X Smart Mobile Theater isn’t a VR headset, but it will run you $699. Mark my words, the Royole-X headset is worth your six hundred and ninety-nine US dollars.

Believe it or not, this headset provides the highest resolution display in the world. At 3300PPI [pixels per inch], the clarity you get is ten times higher than your high-end smartphone, and the Occulus Rift. For those of you with an iPhone 6S, LG G4/V10, or any other slick cell, you know that is pretty insane. Not only will this headset make your eyeballs drool with amazement, but it will provide top-tier comfort and versatility.

Royole-X Smart Mobile Theater
Smart Mobile Theater, shown in white with the module and storage device.

Everything you see on the headset can be adjusted – even the optical strength on each eye, and how far apart the eye slots are. This is to ensure you get perfect clarity in each eye, and have no strain. With my contacts on, I could tweak the optical strength to better improve the clairty, and without them, I could adjust them to still see just as well. You can also adjust how far the screen is in front of you, and the headphone height can also be adjusted.

The first demo we went through was watching a movie trailer. Watching the extended Jurassic World trailer, I felt completely immersed in the experience. The noise-cancelling headphones held true to their word, blocking out the sound of the convention hall and its 150,000 attendees. It went as far as eliminating the feeling of the convention. Wearing the headset, I genuinely forgot for a minute where I was!

As a woman who wears a full face of makeup, I was scared my makeup would rub off all over the inside of the headset, and feel heavy. Royole-X uses very lightweight material throughout the headset, making it very easy to adjust to a device wrapped all around your head. I found it much more comfortable than the Rift, and slightly more comfortable than the Sony VR, as well. For something made specifically for long time use, this is much appreciated.

Royole-X Smart Mobile Theater
The module/stoarge device has an HDMI, and micro-USB port.

The main reason I say it’s worth your $699, is because it is truly universal. The small module works with just about anything. It supports WiFi sharing, wireless streaming, USB, HDMI, and has 16GB of internal storage so you can load it up with videos and music from your PC or Apple computer. If you have a phone with a mini-HDMI port, you can even hook it up to your phone! I don’t know about you, but this would make for the perfect travel companion. The 6,000mAh battery will give you a whole seven hours of constant viewtime!

Playing Killer Instinct on the XBox One with the headset was just as immersive. I forgot where I was, and was truly placed into the game. Utilizing an easy-to-use touch wheel on the right side and adjusting your volume was a breeze. The device uses a proprietary OS too. Very slick, and easy to use – I never had to ask for help when exploring the device.

While Royole-X’s Smart Mobile Theater isn’t available for sale on the mainstream market quite yet, you can purchase one on their website and choose between red, white, and black. With the highest resolution and adjustable optical strength for any situation, the Smart Mobile Theater will not disappoint.