Five Free Online Slot Games Worth Playing at

Five free online games worth checking out right now

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Wintingo is a relatively new addition to the online gaming market. Launched in 2011, it was a portal with scratch cards and instant win games at first that eventually expanded its library to include an amazing variety of browser-based games over the last several years.

Today, this fantastic collection of slot machines, table games, card games and arcade titles remain intact while scratch cards and instant win games are still an important piece of the puzzle. You can start playing games right now at Wintingo’s website which can be found at

In order to get you started, I put together a quick rundown of five of their greatest slot machines games that you can try for free today.


Guns ‘n’ Roses

Guns ‘n’ Roses is a treat both slot and rock ‘n’ roll fans that grew up during the late 1980s. This NetEnt slot machine was added to Wintingo’s collection late last year, shortly before the band’s surprise reunion at Coachella was announced. As a major video slots fan, I must say that it is an absolute masterpiece. This title has just the right amount of action, pyrotechnics and bonuses to keep you glued to the screen for hours. The excellent soundtrack is also spiced up with recordings from the band’s amazing live performances.


Jimi Hendrix

This is another rock’n’roll slot machine from the same NetEnt, available for free play at the Wintingo Casino. In Jimi Hendrix, the visuals are less cinematic and give off the vibes of “flower-power”. The game includes some of the legendary guitarist’s riffs and is filled with special features that are both fun and lucrative to play. It is visually appealing, amazingly psychedelic and it is easily the most atmospheric slot machine game you’ll ever play.



A simple, straightforward, and amazingly colorful game with relaxing background music and visuals that will keep your eyes occupied for hours. Starburst is one of the older NetEnt releases, but it maintains its position as one of the most popular games at Wintingo. The game loads fast and plays smoothly on any computer, old and new. It is both the most immersive and comforting game to play.


I have to confess that Egg-o-Matic was my favorite NetEnt game until the release of the above-mentioned musical masterpieces. The game has a backstory that revolves around an egg factory that struggles due to decreases in production. In an effort to save the day, the Forecock (a robotic male chicken with a shiny body) invents the Egg-o-Matic to boost production. Needless to say, things don’t go as planned and the player experiences all of the mayhem firsthand. Egg-o-Matic has beautiful 3D visuals, masterfully built characters, and enough specials to keep you staring at the reels for hours.


Bikini Party

Last, but not least, let me present you with a game that is easily the sexiest of all the titles listed above. Bikini Party was released back in February, bringing a dash of summer into the gloomy winter days. It features five beach volleyball players, each of them exposing their talents on a hot summer day. While the game’s protagonists are the eye candy here, let’s not forget about its special Re-Spin feature. Players can re-spin individual reels to form a better winning combination.

This concludes my list of five great slot games worth playing at Are there any that you’re interested in checking out? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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