Warcraft’s Paula Patton Joins the Pantheon of Warrior Women

Paula Patton will join an illustrious group of warrior women of color this summer.

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Kicking ass, defying gravity, and guarding their realm is no easy feat. When it comes to a woman standing up for what she believes in, there is no one who can get in her way. Paula Patton will now join an illustrious group of women who kick ass and take names in Universal Pictures’ upcoming film, WARCRAFT. Check her out in a new featurette for the film and then stick around as we explore some other warrior women in film.

Niobe – The Matrix: Reloaded


In 1999, just when we thought The Matrix couldn’t blow minds anymore, Niobe, portrayed by none other than the stunning Jada Pinkett Smith, stepped in and changed the game. From warding off the enemy to making tough calls to action, we witnessed Niobe pull off some of the most unimaginable tasks, such as being the first warrior of the Resistance to successfully pilot a hovercraft through mechanical lines to save her world from destruction!

Storm – X-Men


Then a year later, we witnessed girl power take on a whole new meaning when Halle Berry stepped onto the scene to play Storm, the undefeatable mutant who had the power to control the weather, in the 2000 film, X-Men.

Neytiri – Avatar


In 2009, Zoe Saldana opened our eyes to an alien world of endless possibilities as she portrayed the powerful and determined Neytiri in the epic science fiction film, Avatar.

Michonne – The Walking Dead


The following year, AMC had fans glued to their TV screens and took them on a whirlwind of mishap and dangerous adventure when mankind was faced with a zombie apocalypse on The Walking Dead. However, when Michonne, played by the Zimbabwean beauty Danai Gurira, slashed her way onto the scene with her deadly swords, conquering zombies suddenly seemed effortless.

Toast – Mad Max: Fury Road


2015 brought us the post-apocalyptic, high-octane car-chase film, Mad Max: Fury Road. While Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron may be the leads in the film, Zoe Kravitz’ character Toast rose to the occasion as we witness her fighting for her freedom and people once she escaped captivity.

WARCRAFT hits theaters nationwide on Friday, June 10th.

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