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HIDEit Mounts Review (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Mounts)

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Mounting a Television to your wall has always been a great way to not only free up space and decrease clutter, but also make whatever room they’re situated in a more aesthetically pleasing.

But what do you do if you’re a gamer? You’ll still need to keep a desk around to place your consoles and controllers on; eliminating whatever design setup you originally planned with your mounted television. Thankfully, HIDEit Mounts has released mounts for your video game consoles and controllers to make your gaming space that much more elegant and streamlined.

The best part about the actual wall mounts themselves are how easy they are to install. You get drywall screws and anchors to place on your wall and all that is required is a drill or a screwdriver to install. I know it sounds really simple and that’s because it is. Even if you aren’t great with your hands, you most likely know someone who is so it’s just matter of calling over a buddy to help you install the mounts and setting the consoles in them. The process takes minutes so you can then spend the rest of your time actually gaming.

You wold think that anchors this small wouldn’t be able to hold the weight of a console but they do and do so very well. Even the bulky Xbox One’s weight is no match for one of these mounts. As long as you drill in the anchors correctly you shouldn’t have any worry that your beloved system will drop to the ground.

Wall mounting a console is not only for making your room look sleeker. Keeping all of those wires out of the way prevents any accidents that may happen. If you have children, keeping console wires and controllers out of their reach is essential. You’ve spent a lot of money on consoles so it’s best to prevent any mishaps that may befall them and HIDEit Mounts offer a great way to keep your precious ones safe (the consoles, not the children).

If you’re in the market for a wall mount for your current-gen or last-gen consoles, make sure to visit HIDEit Mounts‘ home page to see what they have to offer. The prices are very affordable so you won’t be breaking the bank when purchasing a couple of these for your system or systems of choice.

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