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JUST BLAAAAAAAZZZEEEEE!! If you didn’t say his tag while the song was coming on, you don’t love hip-hop the way I do. Just Blaze is one of the reasons why I care so much about production and looking at producer credits. He’s easily one of the best producers to ever do it and many have him in their Top 5 list.

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The last time I went to SXSW was 2014. My friends and I were looking for some party on the wrong side of town and ended up finding a building that had a few people just chilling inside with some Just Blaze cuts playing. We’re getting hype walking past and then I realize, “wait…THAT’S JUST BLAZE DJING IN THERE!!”. We instantly went to the building and the next hour was lived in bliss as we relished in the music he was mixing.

The joy I get from listening to Just’s records is amazing and I wanted to share that with you in honor of his birthday. I curated this playlist and it has a couple of hours worth of his biggest tracks along with some you might have forgotten that he produced. Hope you enjoy and comment with your favorite Just Blaze produced track.

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