Macklemore Revists The Thought Of “White Privilege II” [New Music]

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He’s going to get so much heat for this song. So. Much. Heat. The internet is going to drag Macklemore through the streets for this one but somehow this will still blow up and be a big song.

Macklemore released a song titled “White Privilege” in 2005 and follows it up with this sequel for his and Ryan Lewis‘ upcoming This Unruly Mess We’ve Made. The song is nearly nine minutes long and sees Mack addressing the Black Lives Matter movement, not speaking up about racism, and the actual white privilege that he receives as a hip-hop artist. It’s full of clips of others speaking on Black Lives Matter as well to help drive his point home. I get to see his show in Atlanta next Friday so if he performs this, I’ll document and report my findings.



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