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Mafia III Collector’s Edition Guide Review

Earlier this month, California-based development studio Hangar 13 collaborated with 2K Games on the latest installment of the Mafia series. Mafia III could best be described as a promising action-adventure game with a strong narrative ultimately hampered by uninspired and highly repetitive gameplay scenarios. On a more positive note, the Mafia III Collector’s Edition Guide by Prima Games is a helpful resource for those who are willing to invest all their time and money into the overall experience. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect from this guide.

This 336-page collector’s edition strategy guide includes a full-color 14 month Mafia III themed calendar, a case files bonus section for more info on New Bordeaux, a full story walkthrough, detailed maps for mission objectives and collectibles in every district, expert strategy tips on driving, combat, and managing underbosses, and a complimentary eGuide. The authors behind this guide are Tim Bogenn, and Rick Barba and the retail price for the complete package is $39.99.

A detailed story walkthrough is available for those who are trying to collect everything.
A detailed story walkthrough is available for those who are trying to collect everything.

As I mentioned above, the storyline presentation is easily the strongest aspect of Mafia III. The depiction or racism and violence during the turbulent late 1960’s is spot on despite the mission structure staying virtually the same in some capacity from one milestone to the next. With so much to do as far as finding wiretap locations, breaking up racket organizations, and revisiting those same places later to kill or flip bosses, it’s very easy to lose sight of any and all collectibles that may be nearby. This is an area where the guide shines as it gives a full walkthrough of every story mission along with detailed information on how to complete objectives with the best results. Players who are completionists will find the most value in this info while others might not play the game long enough to care about these things.

Another important aspect of this title lies squarely in the relationships that you form with all three of your underbosses. Once you acquire new territory throughout each district, it then becomes your responsibility to assign it to an underboss. If you assign too much territory to one underboss, the others might get angry and wage war against you. This guide offers great advice on how to properly manage and evenly distribute these territories to keep everyone happy. It’s also worth noting that there are trophies and achievements for completing the game with all 3 underbosses or just one. If you have a strong desire to platinum this title, then this is even more of a reason to consider having a deeper look at what the guide has to offer.

With all this said, is this Collector’s edition guide worth investing your hard earned dollars into? Not necessarily as there’s also a standard edition that retails for $24.99.The regular edition comes with everything described above minus the calendar and case files section. In fact, I would say that if you absolutely want Mafia III then you should wait for a price drop as I’m more than certain that the game will be on sale during Black Friday. By then, both guides may also be slightly discounted and therefore offer a better value for your money.

Final Verdict: Wait

Have any of you already purchased or are considering getting this collector’s edition guide? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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