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mayamada GamePad Winter 2016: Play & Win Prizes in London this December 10th

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If there’s one thing we lack in the UK, its social gaming events. With the emergence of online gaming, people stopped gathering to enjoy video games together. This put a stop to many arcades and tournaments, eliminating the social interaction associated with gaming.

Thankfully, there are still people out there keeping social gaming alive in the UK and mayamada are one of the creative brands dedicated to throwing events for those who enjoy interacting with other gamers. “Local multiplayer has been dying out, but with GamePad we’re bringing back the magic of gaming with friends in the same room,” says Nigel, the co-founder of mayamada.

GamePad summer event in 2016

mayamada will be bringing their popular GamePad event to a new venue in Bethnal Green on Saturday the 10th of December. There will be cupcakes, cosplay, special guest appearances and the launch of a new mayamada manga. On top of that, all gamers will be happy to know that there will be a chance to win prizes from both Ubisoft and Nintendo.

At the event you’ll get to play titles such as: Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, Steep, BlazeBlue, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Street Fighter V, TrackMania Turbo, Super Mario Maker, FIFA 17 and more.

As for tickets, you can get a single ticket for £10 (+2 kids included), or a group ticket for £20 (3 tickets for the price of 2). We’re also excited to announce that you can get 20% off these ticket prices by using the code GAMEPAD20 at checkout. You can order the tickets directly from the mayamada store here.

Street Fighter V at GamePad by mayamada

As someone who’s attended two GamePad events, I can confirm that it’s a very chill and laid back environment that is welcoming to any type of gamer. The tournaments are intense to watch and with snacks, cakes and merchandise there’s always something to new to check out. So come and get a dose of social gaming and support a creative British brand at the same time.

The event will be held at
: Maker Wharf. 56 Warner Place, London, UK E2 7DA.

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