Microsoft Announces Xbox Live Clubs and More for Their October Update

"Clubs is sort of our version of guilds and clans in MMOs."

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Xbox Live is getting a massive update in October that will make gaming a lot more social. A new “clubs” feature will allow users to create pre-defined groups that exist outside of gaming, and include features like chat so friends can hang out even after they’ve finished a game.

Group leaders can create specific groups such as lovers of Gears of War or one for creative Minecraft players. From there you can decide which person you want to add. Like any other group, leaders can pick moderators, remove players, or invite others, and include filters.

Microsoft also revealed “the full Xbox Live app” is coming to both iOS and Android. Meaning players can use club features on Xbox One, Windows 10, and mobile.

Microsoft will also allow users to find people on Xbox Live who are interested in partaking in a particular activity: users simply post what they’re looking for, such as playing a certain game, and the request will appear on the game’s hub page.


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