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The Forest Preview – Lizard Skin & Naked People

In the vast ocean that is the Steam library, one true survival gem emerges from its depths. That game is The Forest. Developed by Endnight Games, The Forest is a terror-filled survival game that will constantly have you at the edge of your seat and praying for mercy from the video game gods.

You play as a man traveling oversees with his young son. For unknown reasons, your plane crashes on a remote tropical island and when you awake, your son is being carried away by an Apocalypto-esque indigenous man. You are tasked with surviving, and hopefully getting your son back.

Before diving into the game’s pros and cons, it is important to note that it is still in its early alpha stages. According to the developer, “there will be bugs, locked off content, missing features, and other possibly serious game breaking issues.” That being said, frustrations and overwhelming expectations should be left at the door — or at least in the forums.

The Forest 2
As you progress throughout the game, surviving more day and night cycles, the enemies of The Forest will become faster, stronger, and more insistent on killing you. Considering the wall of ocean surrounding the island, the territory becomes rather claustrophobic with so many indigenous cannibals running around trying to eat you for dinner.

Aside from the crazy cannibals, the environment, and your need for survival, are your greatest enemy. It seems as though you are constantly hungry, usually thirsty and always tired. In order to satisfy these basic needs, you will have to find food, cook food if it isn’t readily prepared, and drink water that isn’t salt water to satisfy your thirst.

On top of that, there are many crafting possibilities in order to keep you from feeling too vulnerable. With a crafting book in hand, you are able to create structures such as bonfires, water collection instruments, torches, storage bins, and cabins. Utilizing teeth from fallen cannibals and tree sap, you can strengthen your handy axe. These are just a few examples of the vast options of creation and customization available in The Forest.

The Forest 1
Just recently, cooperative play was made available, along with peaceful mode. By typing “veganmode” in the main menu, you can play The Forest without getting attacked at all. Although this would make for an easier experience, it wouldn’t be even half as fulfilling in comparison to playing it the way it was intended. In contrast, veganmode may be a great way to explore and figure out how to craft and scavenge effectively.

In my personal playthrough experience, I played cooperatively and it was a lot of fun. The first time we played, it seemed as though we were a prime target almost instantly and it was very difficult to progress any further. The second time, however, we decided to set up shop close to the crashed plane and we weren’t attacked nearly as much. We also figured out that if you stay in the plane overnight, you’re pretty much untouchable.

The Forest is scary, expansive, and extremely enjoyable to play with others. With up to four people who can join you in the fight for survival, things can get pretty interesting. And lady gamers, do not fret! We will be getting a female playable character soon!

You can purchase the alpha version of The Forest on Steam for $14.99. As part of this early access purchase, players will receive the full, complete game and all updates once it is released.

Check out the game’s official FAQ page for more interesting information.

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