Umm… Did You Change Your Logo or Something?

By now many of you who have visited the site today have noticed a change. That’s because after 8 years we’ve finally decided to switch things up a little.

First of all, we’ve gone from green to blue; and no fanboys, this doesn’t mean we’re supporting any particular console brand. Many Koalition insiders voted and decided that blue would be great for our ethos moving forward.

Secondly, of course we’ve updated our logo. It was designed by a long time Koalition supporter named Rameez Quadri. We wanted to go with something that looked much more welcoming and that presents the image of a laid back and lively environment so. We want to make it clear that The Koalition is not just your average gaming website; it’s a community of gamers who are passionate about their beloved pass-times.

Please refresh your browser!

Refresh your browser… Seriously, do it right now. Because if you’re seeing a black header at the very top of the site that clashes with our blue logo then it’s likely your browser hasn’t updated its cache yet. Our site header should be completely white with our blue logo over it. Refreshing with the F5 key twice should reset it and bring you to the latest version of the site, where everything looks much better than what you may be seeing.

Work doesn’t stop here however; we’ll be working on improving The Koalition experience as much as possible over the next few weeks. Feel free to send us your suggestions by hitting up our contact form.