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Unofficial Numbers put the Xbox One at Around 18 Million Units Sold Worldwide

When it comes to Microsoft’s Xbox One, gauging the exact number of consoles they’ve sold worldwide isn’t exactly easy. Unlike Sony, who actively updates us with regards to how many consoles it has sold to customers, Microsoft isn’t as forthcoming; relying on vague parameters like user engagement or the number of subscribers on Xbox Live to give us a sense of how well their current-gen console is doing.

Today, however, we may have the best guess as to how many Xbox Ones are in people’s homes thanks to Mary J Foley, who is a known Microsoft writer for ZDNet. According to one of her sources, there are about 18 million Xbox One consoles in the wild. She shared this number on this week’s episode of Windows Weekly.

There are currently 200 million “active” Windows 10 devices in the world. As you may know, Xbox One now runs on Windows 10 ever since its latest update. 180 million of the 200 million accounts for Windows 10 PCs, with another million for Windows 10 phones. This leaves the Xbox One’s supposed 18 million to fill in the rest (more or less).

The number of “active” devices is for the number of devices which have been active within the last 28 days. It’s entirely possible that there could be many more Xbox One units out there since it’s likely that not all people who own the system have turned it on within the last 28 days.

Again, this number is a rough estimate, but it seems to be one that can be trusted for the most part. Until Microsoft decides to give us solid numbers like Sony does, we’ll just have to keep relying on sources like these to give us an idea of how well the Xbox One is doing.

Source: Windows Weekly via GameSpot

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